Master Mind IT Consulting

Sink or Swim? The Right IT Advice Makes the Difference!

Company Strategy

  • Purpose: To be a leader in the real estate industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.
  • Vision: To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.
  • Mission statement: To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.
  • Core values• We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith• We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.• We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning
  • Goals: Regional expansion in the field of IT Consulting and develop a strong base of key customers.• Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services.• To build good reputation in the field of real estate and property management and become a key player in the industry.

Scope of Work

MasterMind conducts market research for ecommerce, Real-estate, Supply chain, as well as IT consulting. The company undertakes all maintenance duties for e-commerce facilities and organizations and conducts all the security and surveillance for the properties.

Financial Considerations The company expects to reach the desired profits in the first year and does not anticipate serious cash flow problems. We believe that the average profitability per month for the first 3 years will be sufficient. 

Critical Health Sector & ICT Security In Banking

Mastermind consulting actively Services to develop and mange health sector related IT products like Center Link Online Operations, AGE Pension Claims and Disability Support Pension, COVID-19 Relief Applications, JOB Seeker Payments & Job Keeper support applications.  

Mastermind Provides development and Quality Assurance support to IT Applications Like Customer Online Security and fraud detection. Supporting Applications like AML/CTF programme( Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing). 

  • Mastermind has provided banking security applications management at ANZ Bank to manage AML/CTF
  • Mastermind providing IT Application development & quality assurance services to Services Australia , one of the biggest client providing Australians health related support.
  • Mastermind's has provided Emergency services (ESTA) application management to support Amulance Victoria, Police Service, Fire services victoria.
  • Developing a strategy for operational blue print to manage customer online transactions.
  • Delivering IT application solutions designed for specific business problems.

Real Estate solutions & IT support

Mastermind provides businesses with advice and support on their occupation and management of their commercial property in operational use with real-time IT support.

  • Understanding business need
  • Developing a property strategy for operational real estate
  • Delivering bespoke property solutions designed for specific business problems
  • Imaginiative tactical approach responding to changing needs and developing events
  • Detailed transaction management to ensure full compliance with agreed objectives
  • Embedding into organisation to ensure full understanding and delivery of message

Supply-chain management

Supply Chain Tactics

  • Business integration
  • Outsource / Insource / Offshore / Onshore
  • Asset Deployment
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Retailer / Supplier Alignment
  • Customer Service and CPFR
  • Transport Contract Negotiation Services
  • Transport Fleet – Ownership Options
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Cost to Serve
  • Time to Serve
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Supply Chain Mapping

Financial modelling & Analysis

  • Finance and reporting function alignment
  • Finance function transformation
  • Reporting (board, executive and management)
  • Financial governance
  • Contract accounting / insourced accounting services
  • Financial accounting software deployment.